Circa 1996, a group of very young, enthusiastic professionals gather together for breakfast meetings every morning. As they all consult blue chip companies on various aspects of management and policy, the breakfast meetings are anything but management discussions. Cinema rules! The engagement with the medium strengthens. Notes are exchanged, views expressed and ideas created. The team, it seems, was all prepared to jump into ‘action!’ The moment came; Circa 2002: Strokes & Silhouettes.

The same bunch of enthusiasts, with pure love for cinema and tempered with the discipline of an institution and a consulting organization marched into the domain of spotlights, studios, cameras and celluloid. The rest, is all entertainment. Five years and eight films later, Planman Motion Pictures is all set to become one of the most important Producers from India. Three languages and genres ranging from drama to comedy and romance to thriller, the vibrant team with fire in their bellies promise to deliver… Entertainment. For the world.

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